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Item Description

1. The Manufacturing unit Photographs:

two. The Main Graph:


Main Complex Day:

3. Features

The Spiral Tube Machine is comparable product with Tormec Business in Switzerland. And it is the excellent machine for producing the steel spiral tube.  Besides, the equipment has continual feeding functioning theory with spiral and seam lock forming, and is 1 variety of sophisticated, extremely powerful, upscale round CZPT processing equipment.
  Compared with the related spherical duct producing equipment, it is a lot a lot more adaptable nimble. Since the spiral tube machine can make the random diameter round duct  in the scope φ80-φ1500. What is far more, it is easy to adjust, and does not need to have the fixed dead mildew. In addition, the round duct size can be measured freely and observed up immediately with falling the content at the exact same time.
  The device adopts the PLC process control, operated with the contact monitor. The main engine can do the frequency modulation limitless pace alter, and the immediate locomotion adopts air pushed. While the seam lock also adopts air pushed (the air pressure ought to be altered from 6 to12Mpa accord with the thickness of steel strip).All the direct locomotion can modulate speed as effectively as modify the strain.

four.Equipment Loading, Set up and Tests

four.1 In extended-length transportation, it must just take down the CZPT frame of equipment, then set up on the base body. Relocating the feeder and tail help on appropriate station, tightening the screws. When the machine is swinged, install 4 traveling rings respectively on screw orifices of cycloarc CZPT rail the two ends below the feeder and of install CZPT frame on flat.
four.2 When install the machine, the CZPT body ought to be moved from the placing to the desk. Set the out desk to the vertical stage with CZPT frame, aim at the center CZPT rail of CZPT frame.Correct the distance control switch on the out desk, insert signing up for the cable and hook up with the device. When the machine is set orientation, it only need hold standard level, up to the vertical level heart CZPT rail of CZPT frame, it must be steady amongst the device and groudwork. It need to be excellent earth link, or induction electrical might have an effect on the versatile of transducer and PLC.
four.3 Get by means of the electricity, open the contact display procedure area, press “reducing motor”, and the slicing machine is running. Be focus the managing and noticed gear course. Then press “manual” to turn to “automated”, press “commence” twice. Then the main motor commences to operate. Push out desk length management swap, and the chopping device rotates up. Pull again the cutting equipment with hand to the induction swap and it down to replace. Right after that the main motor commences to run routinely till the entire circle ending. If there are any faults during this processing, examine the displacement of parallel flex cylinder and up/down cylinder induction swap occurred throughout transportation and set up. Then change the induction change area till the cylinder replaced and the light brightened.
five.Machine Operation

Controll Monitor: The device adopts the touch display to carrying out the operation controll, and the transient button operation description is launched as comply with:
1)Commence/Quit: At CZPT state, press it (inavoid misoperation, need to push 2 times) and the equipment can start off operate and repeat the cycles automatically. And push it once again to quit running.
two)Foot Pedals Clockwise/Reverse: At foot Pedals point out, the principal equipment can operate forward or reverse at lower velocity, employed “cease” to alter.
three) Reverse / Clockwise: At guide state, the major equipment can run forward or reverse at lower speed, utilised “end” to modify.
four) Manual/Automatic: Manual can function at reduced speed and it applies in solitary process operation. Press “Stop” “Reverse / Clockwise”, and “Reducing”, which can operate the one slicing cycle. Guide need to be used when alter the tube specification and the strip restart. Although “Automated” can make the device working ongoing and do the automated cycle, and only following the diameter, the length and seam lock are all adjusted well.
five)Substantial Speed/Minimal Pace: At handbook condition, the major machine can run steady at large seed. 
six)Cutting Motor: At stop condition, finish the slicing purpose as soon as in a single cycle.
7)Leisure: Control the pressure and looseness of upper seam lock wheel.
eight)Return: Return to principal screen.
9)System Maintenance:The routine maintenance relevant instructions of machine,and can set time about yr,thirty day period and day.
ten)Procedure Guide: The 2 sorts of work way for this device.
eleven)Time Environment: Set time space amongst an automatic cycle to next one particular. (The look variety unit is next)
12)Set On The Quantity:In automatic mode, simply click on the set production to the number of the pipeline.
13)Coumter Reset :The volume will be cleared.
fourteen) Crisis End: The device can be crisis cease with electric reduce when device running irregular or with error.
15) Pace Management: Modify transducer frequency and main motor limitless velocity handle.       
 Operation methods 1) Resolve the stirp (the width 137mm) on the feeder and tighten it. Then modify the scale of tailor setting to the correct place accord with the tube diameter. The wheel of feeding enterance must be oiled. (regular machine oil)
2) Repair the steel strip die on the CZPT frame accord with the tube diameter. And then examine up wether the down seam lock wheel is accord with the strip thickness or not. (for diverse thickness, equiped with 5 extra various wheel)
three) Feed the strip into the enterance, and press “quit” and permit the strip go by means of 4 press rollers and grooving plate ,then get to the up/down seam lock wheel. In the course of this processing, adjust strip’s the two side of seam lock to symmetry and the degree of it.

four) Use “quit” at lower velocity. Transfer the strip in the CZPT to a spiral tube, pressing limited higher roller. And then embed the wheel in feminine roller. At this instant, transfer a small section out at lower speed and observed it easily. Soon after that, the tube diameter ought to be checked out, and it need to be modified if there is any error.
5) Transfer the tube to the out table at low or center velocity. At the exact same time, the height of out desk must be adjusted to proper area in buy to help the forming spiral tube. At previous, typical the tube duration and measure the distance handle change.
six) Consideration that the modifying strategies need to be utilized continually for the duration of next step till all the tube transfer productively.
6. Machine Lubricating and Servicing
Lubrication:   engine oil: 46#   oiled when each and every 8 hours managing
Butter:  all the shaft and gear wheel of seam locker must be buttered once every forty several hours operating.
Routine maintenance: 6.1:Every single time when adjust the tube mould, all the scrap iron and offal in the useless angle room must be cleared totally.
                6.2: Clean up it every single time you off work.
six.3: If the device isn’t going to work prolonged time, electric powered and air need to be cut off, and then buttered the machine.
seven. . Air Force System
Air strain program tools is composed of push cylinder, return cylinder and up/down cylinder.(See the reference on attachment 1)
eight. Electrical method
  7.1 display funtion:
 a) Plan amount: the machine creates accord with the strategy quantity. For illustration, if 100 is necessary, and then set the number a hundred. when manufacture 100 entirely, the machine will stop managing instantly.
b) Overall: item accumulative whole, incorporate 1 when produce one particular,contact on the number ,the number will be
c) Guide/Automatic: “manual” initialized, and push it and flip to “automatic” condition. The purpose of “manual”procedure generate is to change all components of device and check wether all the switches can operate usually or not. Only right after the “Manual” tests and all elements working generally, the “computerized” procedure make can work for manufacturing.
d) Automated: press “manual” and change to “computerized”. Press “commence”—– “high pace”—–mee “lower velocity length(571)”—–“lower speed”—–“location size”, when touch “minimal pace distance(571)” and quit—–press”cutting motor” begin—–“up/down cylinder  upper chopping”—–when the reducing forward to the situation and contact the switch (005)—–up/down cylinder descend to the position, and the magnetism swap (008) lights—–return cylinder drops back again to the place (009) magnetism change lights—–the whole procedure is more than—–time delayed instantly (display environment the delayed time)——-the delayed time is up, the main motor repeats the complete processing…repeat the circles until the mount creating amount completed
e) stop: at guide point out, it has the identical perform with foot pedal and runs forwards and reverse, only for the feeding and out.
seven.2 faceplate botton
1) Handle Power: power on
two) Electrical power Indicator: when the electricity is on, the gentle is brightening.
3) Emergency Stop: push down and the complete system end operating out of electric powered
four) Pace: change the motor (transducer) speed.
seven.3 see the reference on attachment 2

Packing List

10.Instrument box

Significant exporting countries (10 such as Mexico, Germany, Usa, and so on.)


Helical, Straight-Reduce, and Spiral-Bevel Gears

If you are preparing to use bevel gears in your equipment, you want to realize the variances amongst Helical, Straight-reduce, and Spiral bevel gears. This write-up will introduce you to these gears, as effectively as their programs. The report will also go over the advantages and negatives of each kind of bevel gear. When you know the variances, you can pick the proper gear for your machine. It is easy to understand about spiral bevel gears.

Spiral bevel equipment

Spiral bevel gears perform a critical part in the aeronautical transmission method. Their failure can cause devastating mishaps. Therefore, exact detection and fault evaluation are needed for maximizing gear system performance. This write-up will discuss the role of computer aided tooth speak to examination in fault detection and meshing pinion placement problems. You can use this method to detect problems in spiral bevel gears. More, you will discover about its software in other transmission methods.
Spiral bevel gears are developed to mesh the gear tooth much more little by little and properly. In contrast to straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears are less pricey to manufacture with CNC machining. Spiral bevel gears have a wide selection of applications and can even be used to reduce the dimensions of travel shafts and bearings. There are several advantages to spiral bevel gears, but most of them are reduced-price.
This sort of bevel gear has 3 basic elements: the pinion-equipment pair, the load device, and the output shaft. Every of these is in torsion. Torsional stiffness accounts for the elasticity of the method. Spiral bevel gears are ideal for apps demanding limited backlash monitoring and higher-velocity functions. CZPT precision machining and adjustable locknuts reduce backlash and enable for specific adjustments. This minimizes servicing and maximizes drive lifespan.
Spiral bevel gears are valuable for equally high-speed and lower-pace applications. Higher-pace programs need spiral bevel gears for optimum effectiveness and speed. They are also ideal for substantial-speed and higher torque, as they can decrease rpm without influencing the vehicle’s pace. They are also wonderful for transferring electricity between two shafts. Spiral bevel gears are extensively utilized in automotive gears, building tools, and a variety of industrial apps.

Hypoid bevel gear

The Hypoid bevel equipment is related to the spiral bevel gear but differs in the condition of the teeth and pinion. The smallest ratio would consequence in the cheapest equipment reduction. A Hypoid bevel gear is very tough and effective. It can be utilised in confined areas and weighs much less than an equal cylindrical equipment. It is also a well-known selection for high-torque programs. The Hypoid bevel gear is a very good selection for programs necessitating a higher degree of speed and torque.
The Hypoid bevel equipment has numerous teeth that mesh with every other at the exact same time. Because of this, the equipment transmits torque with really tiny sounds. This makes it possible for it to transfer a higher torque with considerably less sounds. Nevertheless, it should be famous that a Hypoid bevel gear is generally more expensive than a spiral bevel equipment. The value of a Hypoid bevel gear is larger, but its advantages make it a common selection for some apps.
A Hypoid bevel equipment can be produced of a number of kinds. They might differ in the quantity of tooth and their spiral angles. In general, the smaller sized hypoid equipment has a larger pinion than its counterpart. This means that the hypoid equipment is a lot more productive and stronger than its bevel cousin. It can even be practically silent if it is effectively lubricated. Once you’ve got manufactured the decision to get a Hypoid bevel equipment, be certain to go through up on its rewards.
One more common software for a Hypoid bevel equipment is in cars. These gears are generally employed in the differential in vehicles and vans. The torque transfer attributes of the Hypoid gear program make it an exceptional option for numerous purposes. In addition to maximizing performance, Hypoid gears also provide smoothness and efficiency. While some individuals may argue that a spiral bevel gear established is better, this is not an excellent remedy for most automobile assemblies.

Helical bevel equipment

In comparison to helical worm gears, helical bevel gears have a small, compact housing and are structurally optimized. They can be mounted in various methods and function double chamber shaft seals. In addition, the diameter of the shaft and flange of a helical bevel gear is equivalent to that of a worm gear. The gear box of a helical bevel equipment device can be as tiny as 1.6 inches, or as massive as eight cubic toes.
The primary characteristic of helical bevel gears is that the enamel on the driver gear are twisted to the remaining and the helical arc gears have a related design and style. In addition to the backlash, the teeth of bevel gears are twisted in a clockwise and counterclockwise path, dependent on the amount of helical bevels in the bevel. It is essential to observe that the tooth make contact with of a helical bevel equipment will be reduced by about 10 to 20 percent if there is no offset in between the two gears.
In get to create a helical bevel equipment, you require to very first outline the gear and shaft geometry. As soon as the geometry has been described, you can proceed to add bosses and perforations. Then, specify the X-Y airplane for equally the gear and the shaft. Then, the cross section of the gear will be the basis for the solid developed following revolution close to the X-axis. This way, you can make confident that your equipment will be suitable with the pinion.
The development of CNC equipment and additive producing procedures has greatly simplified the production procedure for helical bevel gears. Today, it is achievable to design and style an limitless number of bevel gear geometry employing substantial-tech equipment. By employing the kinematics of a CNC device centre, you can produce an limitless quantity of gears with the perfect geometry. In the method, you can make each helical bevel gears and spiral bevel gears.

Straight-lower bevel equipment

A straight-lower bevel equipment is the simplest to manufacture. The initial strategy of production a straight bevel gear was to use a planer with an indexing head. Afterwards, more successful approaches of production straight bevel gears had been launched, such as the Revacycle method and the Coniflex program. The latter approach is used by CZPT. Below are some of the primary benefits of utilizing a straight-reduce bevel gear.
A straight-cut bevel equipment is described by its teeth that intersect at the axis of the gear when extended. Straight-minimize bevel gears are normally tapered in thickness, with the outer portion getting larger than the internal portion. Straight-minimize bevel gears show instantaneous lines of get in touch with, and are very best suited for low-speed, static-load apps. A widespread software for straight-lower bevel gears is in the differential techniques of vehicles.
Soon after becoming machined, straight-reduce bevel gears undergo warmth therapy. Scenario carburizing creates gears with surfaces of sixty-63 Rc. Utilizing this approach, the pinion is 3 Rc more difficult than the gear to equalize use. Flare hardening, flame hardening, and induction hardening techniques are not often utilised. Complete machining contains turning the outer and inner diameters and special machining procedures.
The teeth of a straight-reduce bevel equipment encounter influence and shock loading. Because the enamel of the two gears come into speak to abruptly, this prospects to extreme sounds and vibration. The latter limits the pace and electricity transmission capacity of the gear. On the other hand, a spiral-minimize bevel gear activities gradual but considerably less-harmful loading. It can be utilised for high-velocity purposes, but it ought to be mentioned that a spiral-reduce bevel equipment is a lot more challenging to manufacture.

Spur-cut bevel equipment

CZPT stocks bevel gears in spiral and straight tooth configurations, in a variety of ratios from 1.5 to 5. They are also very remachinable except for the tooth. Spiral bevel gears have a low helix angle and superb precision homes. CZPT inventory bevel gears are produced utilizing point out-of-the-artwork technologies and know-how. When compared with spur-reduce gears, these have a for a longer time existence span.
To determine the strength and sturdiness of a spur-cut bevel gear, you can determine its MA (mechanical edge), area durability (SD), and tooth amount (Nb). These values will differ dependent on the design and style and application surroundings. You can consult the corresponding guides, white papers, and complex specs to discover the best equipment for your requirements. In addition, CZPT gives a Provider Discovery Platform that allows you to discover far more than 500,000 suppliers.
An additional variety of spur gear is the double helical equipment. It has each still left-hand and proper-hand helical tooth. This design balances thrust forces and gives additional equipment shear region. Helical gears, on the other hand, attribute spiral-cut teeth. While each varieties of gears could make considerable sounds and vibration, helical gears are much more productive for high-speed purposes. Spur-reduce bevel gears may also lead to equivalent results.
In addition to diametral pitch, the addendum and dedendum have other essential houses. The dedendum is the depth of the tooth under the pitch circle. This diameter is the key to figuring out the heart length between two spur gears. The radius of each pitch circle is equal to the whole depth of the spur equipment. Spur gears frequently use the addendum and dedendum angles to explain the tooth.

China manufacturer Duct Line Rolling Former Spiral Tube Forming Machine Mhtf-1500     near me manufacturer China manufacturer Duct Line Rolling Former Spiral Tube Forming Machine Mhtf-1500     near me manufacturer